How Presale Cleaners Ensure a Bug-Free House?

Highly demanded pre-sale house cleaners ensure a bug-free property to retain their reputation. Though they are not insect exterminators, they still use specific solutions that can ward off insects, leaving the property a safe place for the new inhabitants. 

Today, we will look at how these professionals in Melbourne and its suburbs ensure flawless results. We will be particularly looking at the methods they use to make the house free of insects.

  • Clean the Nook and Crannies

Professionals carrying out pre-sale house cleaning in Melbourne and its suburbs will clean the nook and crannies of the property put on sale to drive the insects away.

Generally, insects love moist and dirty places, the cracks and crevices on walls and floor. There, they store their food, lay eggs and multiply. When these places are cleaned, they tend to move away to a safer zone, thus leaving the house, making it bug-free.

  • Applying Organic Insect Repellents 

During the pre-sale cleaning in Albert Park and the other Melbourne suburbs, the cleaners apply specific organic solutions to eliminate pests.

Before they start the cleaning, they examine the house put on sale. If they find a mild infestation, they will carry out the treatment to prepare the property for the client’s open house.


  • Removing Unnecessary Items in the House

The specialists carrying out pre-sale cleaning in Coburg and the other Melbourne suburbs will remove unnecessary items since these are the places where insects hide.

These items, such as empty cardboard boxes or damaged furniture, can be considered safe havens for insects. Thus, the insect population will be eradicated or significantly reduced if removed.


  • Removing Waste That Attracts Insects

Specific materials considered as waste can attract insects and lead to an infestation. These include plastic, old cloth and even damaged upholstery. 

The professionals performing pre-sale cleaning in Canterbury and other Melbourne suburbs will remove them and not clean them because they are not worthy of cleaning. Moreover, even if vacuumed meticulously, the dirt and moist surface will attract insects again.

  • Sanitising the House After Cleaning

When the house put on sale is entirely spotless, there is less chance of an insect infestation. However, general cleaning might not be enough to prevent a future infestation. So, the cleaners performing pre-sale cleaning in Caulfield North and other Melbourne suburbs will apply sanitisers in various house areas.

These solutions eliminate germs but are also quite effective against insects.

  • Steam Cleaning    

If there are some upholsteries or carpets in the house on sale, the professionals performing pre-sale cleaning in Hawthorn and the other Melbourne suburbs will steam clean them.

This is a very effective method for not just making upholsteries or carpets spotless but also removing the insects hiding inside.


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