How Do Pre-house Sale Cleaners Remove Odours Before Listing?

Pre-sale cleaners are generally called before enlisting the property for sale. However, they cannot only clean the house from top to bottom but also remove any odours that may disappoint potential buyers looking for properties.

The professional pre-house sale cleaners take several steps to remove the stench from properties, and here are some of them.

Removing Mould from Moist Areas

The cleaners will remove mould from moist places such as bathrooms, kitchens, and storage areas since this form of bacterial growth can also give off a bad smell.

Besides removing the mould, the cleaners also enhance air circulation since it can lead to the quick dispersal of odour. If needed, they might use dehumidifiers to get rid of the smell.


Disposal of Garbage or Waste That Have Been Left in the Property 

If you are not living in the house anymore, you might experience a foul smell if you have left garbage or waste behind.

The smell can also arise from waste such as old plastic, chemicals, grease, or even dirt and dust. So, the pre-house sale cleaners remove all of these in garbage bags and then clean the places where they were situated with unique odour removal solutions.

Cleaning Pet Urine 

If you visited the house with your pet last time but did not clean their waste, expect a foul odour from it. If the cleaners do find that there is pet urine, they will use certain chemicals to remove the stains as well as the smell.  

However, if the cleaners find that the odour arises from urine on carpet or upholstery, they will use the steam cleaning method to get rid of it. This will allow you to enlist your property while remaining stress-free.


Cleaning Paint and Other Chemicals 

If other chemicals like paint are left on the house you plan to sell, expect odours to arise from them.

Certain paints can give off a smell, especially if there is a lack of air circulation. So, in this scenario, the professionals will first enhance air circulation. 

They will use specific tools to remove the chemicals depending on what smell remains.


Removing Rodent Corpse

Is the property that you are planning to sell infested by rodents? If this is the case, rest assured the pre-sale house cleaners will locate the remains and safely remove them for later disposal, as long as you are not living in the house.

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