How Do Presale Office Cleaners Clean Tiled Floors?

Before selling your office, you must ensure that no spots, stains or blemishes are on the tiled floors. To remove these unsightly spots, you will need to hire efficient pre-sale office cleaners capable of cleaning establishments comprehensively and making them ready for a sale.

Here, we will discuss how these cleaners systematically clean office tiled floors. So, without any more delay, we will now deep-dive into the points.

  • Office Assessment 


Before commencing any office cleaning for sale, the cleaners thoroughly inspect all areas that need cleaning. Next, they examine tiled floors and their condition to determine the tools required to make them fully clean. After this step, cleaning will begin since they need to develop the necessary plan according to their assessment.

  • Exhaustive Vacuuming 


Professional cleaners always vacuum tiles to eliminate dirt and dust when performing an office pre-sale cleaning service. Vacuuming is always the first step followed by cleaners before they move to remove stains and spots after the inspection procedure. Moreover, to remove the dirt and dust, the cleaners use high-end vacuum cleaners designed for commercial cleaning.

  • Scrubbing


If the cleaners performing office pre-sale cleaning find removing stains on tiled floors easy, they will scrub them off with a scrubber. They might or might not use water and other detergents for the process. It entirely depends on the type of stains on the surface. But in general, a standard scrubber works best to remove soft stains.

  • Pressure Cleaning for Hard-to-Remove Stains 

Since the office needs to be ready for listing, the cleaners carrying out office pre-sale cleaning will need to ensure that the tiled floors are 100% clean. Pressure cleaning is used to remove difficult stains. However, while doing so, they will adjust the intensity of the high-pressure water jets to save the tiles from getting damaged.


  • Grout Cleaning

Along with the tiles, the cleaners carrying out pre-sale cleaning will also clean the grout to restore the cleanliness and make the tiles look new. However, since grout cleaning is a time-taking job, they will only perform the same if the grout has accumulated a lot of dirt and other particles.

  • Restoring General Cleanliness

Finally, the cleaners carrying out pre-sale cleaning in Point Cook and the other Melbourne suburbs will mop the tiled floors of the office with detergents and other solutions. This will make them entirely immaculate.

So, by following these steps, the cleaners make workspaces ready for sale.

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