How Do Pre-sale House Cleaners Remove Stains From Walls Effectively?

To sell your house at the highest value, hire the best cleaners to get the job done. These professionals use many tools and methods to eliminate dirt, dust, waste, and more. Today, we will look at how they remove stains from walls. 

Potential buyers may not be interested in buying a dirty house if your walls have stains. Any stain will lower the value of your home or, worse, deter anyone from buying your property. Cleaners need to make sure that no stains remain on your walls, and to do this, they take these steps:

  • Exclusive Cleaning Detergent to Remove Crayon Marks


If there are crayon marks on the wall, the cleaners assigned by the company providing professional pre-sale cleaning service in Melbourne and its suburbs will use in-house cleaning solutions. These are safe and effective agents that can quickly eliminate these stains. However, they might also use organic solutions such as baking soda for removing pencil stains or shaving cream to remove the pen ink.

  • Mild Detergent for Removing Stains Caused by Grease


Any grease stain on the walls of your house looks ugly, and if you are selling the property, you will need to make sure that none of those stains is left. Professionals assigned to the house cleaning for sale in Melbourne service will use mild detergents since they can eliminate the stains without damaging the wall. The house cleaners will only use a wet cloth dabbed in the detergent solution to remove the grease.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol to Eliminate Marker Stains 


If the house you are about to sell has marker stains on its walls, the cleaners carrying out pre-sale cleaning usually use isopropyl alcohol. However, apart from this, nail polish removers are also sometimes used due to their efficacy in removing inks from walls without damaging their walls.

  • Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Wine Stains from Walls 


The professionals will use hydrogen peroxide to remove red wine stains from the walls. Hydrogen peroxide is another potential solution to eliminate the wine stains without affecting the walls. If you are worried about these stains affecting the possibility of a successful sale, rest assured that the cleaners will get rid of them in no time.

  • Cleaning off Mud Marks

Though mud marks on the walls are not particularly stains, they can be an eyesore if not cleaned properly. So, if they persist on the wall of your house that you wish to put on sale, you have fewer chances of completing the sale. However, to clean them safely, the cleaners carrying out pre-sale cleaning will use a microfiber cloth to remove the dried mud. Afterwards, they will use a detergent solution to remove the remaining spots.

So, following these methods, the cleaners remove stains effectively from the walls.    

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