Some Pertinent Pre Sale Property Cleaning FAQs that You Cannot Ignore

If you have plans to sell off your property, you need to be cautious. You must take steps that will help you get the best price out of it. Or all the aspects that you need to look for, to get the best price for your property, cleanliness is perhaps the most important of all the aspects to look for. Thus, you need to ensure that your property is as clean, tidy and as orderly as it can be, before you put it up for sale. So in that case, your need of the hour is a reputable company, which offers property cleaning for sale in Melbourne or anywhere else, depending upon where you stay.

Now the question here is, with so many companies claiming to be the very best pre-sale cleaners, what is the best name for you to put stakes on? Well, for that you need to ask a few questions to the company, you are intending to put stakes on. Here they are…

How long will you take to clean my property? 

Pro-sale cleaning is not at all a very easy task, to start with. Remember, it is all about cleaning a property that is up for sale. Thus, the cleaning has to be perfect and holistic, so much so that property looks as good as new. However, you do not have all the time in the world to have your property cleaned. Hence, you need to ask the pre-sale property cleaners in Melbourne the time it will take to have the entire property cleaned and that also without interfering with the quality.

How many cleaners will you press to my service? 

While you must not forget asking the number of days the company will take to do all the cleaning, you must also ask the company about the number of cleaners you would like to press into service to meet the cleaning deadline.

Are you cleaners licensed, bonded and background checked? 

It is imperative that your cleaners are not only the most competent ones, but are also genuine. Hence, you need to ask whether the cleaning professionals of the pre-sale property cleaning company in Melbourne that you have turned to, are not only experienced, but are also licensed, fully licensed and bonded with flawless cleaning records. This ensures that you have put money on a genuine company.

What will your pre-sale cleaning cover? 

Pre-sale cleaning entails a lot of cleaning aspects. Thus, in order to be your one step pre-sale cleaning solution that is cheap and conclusive, the pre-sale cleaning service provider in Canterbury that you may have been looking forward to putting money on, has to cover a wide range of cleaning. That is the reason, you need to ask the cleaning company about the types of services it will offer and how you will benefit from the cleaning. Generally, pre-sale cleaning would cover:

  • A holistic internal and external cleaning of every nook and cranny – including windows and doors, curtains and blinds thereof.
  • The flooring, the walls, the lighting shades, various soft and hard surfaces, immovable furniture and fittings that you are to leave back while selling, and so on.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets and kitchens
  • The exteriors, pathways, driveways, landscapes and the likes.

And the same questions stand in the case of office cleaning for sale in Melbourne, just like its domestic counterpart.


Thus, you need to ask what all is included within the scope of pre-sale cleaning before putting stakes on it.

Besides, you should also ask about the experience, and its cost of service. Despite being the best, you must ensure that the company comes up with the cheap pre-sale cleaning in Melbourne

And taking into account all these, Presale Cleaning is the best name to put stakes on. Call us at  03 8583 9105 for further details.