How do Professional Cleaners do Presale Mould Removal?

Naturally, potential buyers do not like seeing mould on any property you are trying to sell in Melbourne or any of its suburbs. So, getting rid of the same will be something that you will need to do. We will discuss the methods they use to restore cleanliness in the property that will be listed for sale.

  • Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning is one of the best mould removal procedures followed in professional pre-sale cleaning in Melbourne. Since this equipment shoots down high-speed water jets, the surface mould can be easily removed. Moreover, the cleaners can adjust the water pressure based on mould growth. This helps them remove these growths efficiently without damaging the surfaces.

  • Applying Mould Removal Solutions

The professionals carrying out property cleaning for sale in Melbourne apply specific mould-removal solutions to eliminate these growths. These are proprietary solutions that you might only get in some places. However, these are used on surfaces with minimal mould growth. Removing fungal growths with chemicals can take more time.


  • Scrubbing        

Cleaners will scrub softly since the opposite can damage the paint and surface. You can only use this method in areas with little mould growth.

  • Using Organic Solutions 

Specialists carrying out pre-sale cleaning in Dandenong and the other Melbourne suburbs use organic solutions such as bleach and vinegar to eliminate mould. These solutions are harmless yet effective. However, using this method takes some time, but the results are excellent and cost-effective.


  • Detergents

Generally, there are better solutions than detergents for mould. Nevertheless, they are sometimes used to clean surfaces around the mould. This helps in the quick removal and deters further growth. However, some recent detergents have also come up which are effective against mould; however, use them with caution.

  • Usage of Steam

Professionals carrying out pre-sale cleaning in Craigieburn and the other Melbourne suburbs can sometimes use steam since they are very effective against mould. However, steam is used on carpets and upholsteries, not hard surfaces. So, if you wish to sell your property while keeping the carpet and some upholstered furniture, this is a technique that the cleaners will use.

Now that we have mentioned the methods used for pre-sale cleaning, you can discuss these with your cleaners to see whether they use these techniques too.


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