A Complete Checklist that Professionals Follow For Pre Sale Cleaning

When you have plans to put your Melbourne home up for sale, you need to be cautious. You need to make your home as presentable as possible so that it fetches your desired price. One good way to do so is hiring the pre sale cleaning professionals in Melbourne, who will use all their experience and competence to come up with a comprehensive service that will yield the desired results. 

Now the question is, how do these professionals conduct pre sale cleaning? It is obvious that they use  the best and the latest cleaning tools and cleaning products. But there is something else that makes the difference. That’s the methodology that they follow. These professionals conducting cleaning of house for sale in Melbourne would follow a certain checklist to ensure comprehensive cleaning.

Let us discuss the presale house cleaning checklist that these professionals follow. 

Technically speaking, pre sale home cleaning can be divided into two categories: 

  • Interior Cleaning 
  • Exterior Cleaning

The Components of Interior Pre sale home cleaning checklist

When it comes to conducting pre-sale cleaning of the interiors, the pre sale home cleaning professionals in Brighton will: 

  • Thoroughly clean the baseboards around the edges, in every room of your home. 
  • Vacuum clean and wipe the window seal thoroughly in every room
  • Cclean the exteriors and interiors of every window. 
  • Wipe the face of the cabinets including the handles and the doorknobs 
  • Deep clean and steam clean the carpets in every room. 
  • Wipe thoroughly the top of the door frames and ceiling fan blades in every room
  • Clean the closets of every room thoroughly and declutter every room and every nook and cranny. 

Thus, while carrying out interior cleaning, the professional pre sale cleaning experts in Canterbury will ensure all these are carried out meticulously, to give the interior a brand new look and feel that will impress the potential buyers. 

The Components of Exterior Pre sale home cleaning checklist

The professionals are equally careful while carrying out exterior pre sale Cleaning in Caulfield North or elsewhere near Melbourne. They will: 

  • Comprehensively and thoughtfully declutter and clean the garage and the outdoor storage. 
  • Put trash bags in trash cans so that they are out of sight till they are whipped off by the trash vans.
  • Keep the outdoor plants (if any) well watered and well pruned so that they look as lively and fresh, and aesthetically rich as possible. 
  • Trim the shrubs and bushes to give them an uniform and tidy shape 
  • Clean the front door area and paint it, if required
  • Stain the wooden deck and patio, if any, and keep them well maintained
  • Rake the dried leaves in the yard and stack them in trash bags 
  • Eliminate the weeds and twigs that may be poking into the driveway and clean the gutter and ensure that the rain guards are in place, properly. 

Thus, there are so many things to look up to, when it comes to conducting pre sale home cleaning in East Melbourne as anywhere else and the seasoned professionals will ensure that to the fullest. 

That’s the plus point of putting stakes on a quality pre sale home cleaner service provider like Presale Cleaning, if you are in and around Melbourne. Call us today to fix an appointment or write to us to get an online, free quote.